(Type:Laboratory Furniture General Use:Commercial Furniture )
  • laboratory epoxy resin worktop
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  • Type:Laboratory Furniture
  • General Use:Commercial Furniture
  • Material:Epoxy Resin
  • Size:Customized
  • Place Of Origin:Guangdong China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Weixin
  • Model Number:Worktop
Laboratory Epoxy Resin Worktop
Strong chemical(strong acid/alkaline/ organic solvents)resistance

laboratory epoxy resin worktop

Heat Resistance
epoxy resin worktop products withstand extreme temperatures normally encountered in laboratory work and will not blister or crack. When heated, Epoxyn does not emit poisonous fume which may be harmful to the health of lab workers.

Reagent Resistance
epoxy resin worktop are inert and highly resistant to most chemicals used in laboratory. Epoxyn,sperformance is excellent in the test of corrosion resistance over 24 hours by the government authoritative organization.

epoxy resin worktop is non-porous, does not gather dirt and bacteria, especially applicable in laboratories of foodstuff, biology and pharmaceuticals..

Moisture Resistance
epoxy resin worktop contains no material that absorbs moisture. Epoxyn tops will not warp after installation, so it is especially ideal in the laboratory area that is exposed to high levels of moisture.

epoxy resin worktop contain no asbestos, will not ignite, are nonconductive, and will not produce noxious gases while heated.

epoxy resin worktop are monolithic, they cannot delaminate, swell, or spall, and can be repaired if scratched.

epoxy resin worktop have a smooth, low-glare surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Molded fume hood worktop offers exquisite appearance and easier installation.

Color Range
epoxy resin worktop provides unparalleled batch-to-batch color consistency. Eleven colors, like black, grey, antique white, platinum, blue, are available for selection

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